Somerset County Badminton run 2 senior county teams. Our 1st team are in Division 3 and our 2nd team are in Division 4.

First team squad 2018/2019

Kelly Fairey                                Simon Watson

Laura Goodland                        Joe Wakelam

Wendy Field                             Dean Martin

Claire Harrison                         Simon Denton

Second team squad 2018/2019

Fiona Rooke                            Barry Harriss

Emily Page-Symonds              Ben Lipton

Launa Eyles                             Reuben Biggs

Jenny Poole                             Kevin Luk

John Woo


Huge thanks also to Anjam Arif, Tommy Law, Paul Marks, Wes Saunders, Thomas Tsai, Graham Hutchins, Marion Ginger, Natalie Bailey, Serena Chung, Yolanda Kauper, Kerry Mullen, and Helen O’Rourke for stepping in and playing when needed.