Somerset Badminton History

This page has a brief history of Somerset Badminton, focusing on those people that have contributed greatly over the years.  For details of winners/county players etc please go to the relevant archive pages.

1974: Somerset Boundaries Changed

In 1974 the County of Somerset had its boundary changed in the North from being the River Avon, to an imaginary line between Weston-Super-Mare and Burnham on Sea.  The county of Avon was created, which included the three largest populations within old Somerset – Bristol, Bath and Weston.

Badminton wise, the County changed its name to Avon and Somerset and stayed as a major force within English badminton.  However, the base was Bristol and players in the South of the new Somerset county found themselves marginalised and poorly represented at county level.

Committee Posts


Sarah-Jane Trask


Neil Robson

Senior Treasurer

Launa Eyles

Welfare Officer

Catherine Sertin

Match Secretary

Simon Ashenden

GDPR Officer

Sarah-Jane Trask

Masters Treasurer

Stuart Pilkington

Masters Coordinator


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