For the 2018/19 season the captain will be Stuart Pilkington.

There is an inter county league team this season, and a Masters Challenge weekend. The team are looking out for more players, particularly ladies. Most of the current ladies are over 70. If you have any suggestions for new players please pass them information on the practices during the season or send us contact details through the Feedback page.


2016/17 County Masters Match Reports

Final league positions

01/05/2017 12:00
After struggling due to injuries to men at the start of the season it ended with a solid second place for the 40s team. The last season with Wendy Field as Captain of the 40s team. Good luck to Fiona for next season. Click on the link to look at the full league results for the...
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40s vs IoW (away)

02/04/2017 13:00
Venue: Away to IoW, Sandown Team: Barry Harriss, Simon Ashenden, Jason Flagg, Chris Naylor, Kerry Mullen, Jane Lipton, Sarah-Jane Trask, Emily Page-Symonds Having already changing the date of our home match vs IoW this season, thanks to IoW allowing us to rearrange our last match of the season....
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40s vs Devon (Home)

05/03/2017 13:00
Venue: Crewkerne Sports Centre Team: Simon Ashenden, Barry Harriss, Andrew Carpenter, Chris Naylor, Nikki Harriss, Fiona Rooke, Wendy Field, Sarah-Jane Trask Simon and Barry got off to a storming start to take the first mens, but between then the men were unable to win another out of the 4. Nikki...
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O40s vs Avon (home)

22/01/2017 13:00
Venue: Crewkerne Team: Jason Flagg, Simon Ashenden, Barry Harriss, Alistair McGuinn, Sarah-Jane Trask, Wendy Field, Nikki Harriss, Emily Page-Symonds Playing against a slightly different Avon team from the one before Christmas, the men had a tough time, to the extent of naming one of the opposition...
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50s, 55s and 65s Challenge weekend results

14/01/2017 13:00
O50s first team in the Premier division in Worcester (full results)  Team: Chris Ashworth, James Buckle (capt), Barry Harriss, Launa Eyles, Kerry Mullen, Cath Vigar. This was an incomplete team due to unavailability and injury.     Standings of O50 - O50 -...
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O40s Challenge Weekend at Andover

14/01/2017 12:00
What a relief. For a change the 40s team had a good starting time for both days and no hugely long waits between matches. Like previous years there were players there for individual days, but most stayed overnight in Andover on the Saturday. With 5 other teams in the division there were 3 games on...
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O40s vs Wiltshire (home)

27/11/2016 13:00
Venue: Crewkerne Team: Jason Flagg, Simon Ashenden, Barry Harriss, James Buckle, Wendy Field, Nikki Harriss, Fiona Rooke, Emily Page-Symonds Both mens pairings of Jason / Simon and Barry / James took the Wilts 1st pair to 3, but Barry and James managed to sneak a good win. Both pairs beat the Wilts...
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O40s vs Devon (away)

13/11/2016 12:00
Venue: Ottery Leisure Centre, Ottery St Mary Team: Simon Ashenden, Jason Flagg, Barry Harriss, Andrew Carpenter, Wendy Field, Nikki Harriss, Fiona Rooke, Sarah-Jane Trask On arrival we were pleased to hear that there would be 4 courts as the IoW had been unable to travel over to a match in a...
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O40s vs Avon (away)

06/11/2016 13:00
Venue: Clevedon Sports Centre Team: Barry Harriss, Andrew Carpenter, Jason Flagg, Simon Ashenden, Fiona Rooke, Nikki Harriss, Emily Page-Symonds, Sarah-Jane Trask After a Summer of injuries to various of the 40s men and a decision to merge the Somerset 50s and 55s teams into a single 50s team for...
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