Masters (Vets)


There are tournaments and intercounty competitions for age groups in multiples of 5yrs from the day you turn 40. There are also a few tournaments that run and O35s age group too. Because of the size of the playing population of the county, Somerset does not run an inter county league team for all age groups in the Masters County Championships. For the 2011/12 season there were league teams for the O45s, O50s and O60s, but a 40s league team was added for 2012/13. These teams all continued for the 2013/14 and 2014/15 seasons. For the 2015/16 season this has changed to O40s, O50s, O55s and O65s. For the 2016/17 season we have entered O40s, O50s, O65s.

There is also a chance to play in the Masters County Challenge weekend each January. We dont always enter the same teams as the league. This championships is run over a weekend at various venues. In the last few years we have sent teams to Andover, Worcester, Bournemouth, Swindon and Milton Keynes The Saturday evening is no less strenuous as it involves a good night of partying with all the other teams at the same venue. Mind the sugar cubes, pea shooters, balloon sculptures! For the 2015/16 season there are teams entered for the 40s, x2 50s, a 55s and a 65s team. For the 2017 season we entered an O40s, O50s A, O50s B, O55s and O65.

Have a look under the age group pages for match reports.

We are looking for some more Veterans to join the merry throng, so if you are interested in playing more please feel free to come to practice, enter the tournament or just send us a message through the Feedback page (I play Badminton in Somerset). We have various practices through the season. If you want to be added to the email distribution of information about Somerset Masters activities, please feel free to send us your email address or contact details through the Feedback page.