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Senior Clubs / Clubs for adults

Some less confident or less experienced players might like to start with some of the socal and coaching opportunities. Some of these are opportunites to play during the day which might be of particular interest, or maybe an opportunity to play people in your age group and local area. 

Some more confident or more experienced players may find it more interesting to try a local league club. Dont be worried about trying out a few different clubs before finding the one that suits you best. Most people do and many people keep playing with more than one group or club because they like it so much. Pretty much all clubs have a policy for people to pay a visitors free to try them out, though that may be limited to a few occasions. Some of them may have a pay and play option for membership. Why not ring up the club contact or venue first to ask questions?

Juniors Clubs

The junior clubs sometimes have a limitation on numbers or they might have different groups depending on age and experience which changes over time, so it is often a good idea to call the coach for a chat before you visit. 

Remember - We are all different, just like all of the clubs are a little different. The most important things are to have a go and find a place you enjoy playing! We like to hear from people interested in Badminton, so if you know of any opportunities not on our lists do please let us know, or tell us if you think there are any errors in the details for your club, or even if you want everyone to know something interesting that is happening with your club. If you have any questions either ping us a message through the feedback page on this website or find fellow players on the "I play Badminton in Somerset" page on FaceBook.