Recent Updates

This is where we will tell you of recent updates or additions to the website, that might not be "front page news" material.

May  2017

Changed the template and the mobile template and awaiting a change to the domain details to sort out a couple of small inconsistencies viewing the website on a mobile device.

Updated the Information for Clubs page under the Info tab

Updated YBC entries under Juniors and Social Badminton

Updated hyperlinks on the FAQ page

JE - updated  senior county appearance list


March 2017

Added more jounior tournament results links

Added links to the online entry to local upcoming juniors and seniors tournaments, plus the WD Handicap tournament


February 2017

(17th) JE - added county teams summary of season so far.

added info for 2 more county cells

added results from national schools championships

More updates to the calendar to include all Masters matches. Updated Taunton League page to include Jan 2017 results.

Updates to the SBA junior cells information under Juniors. Small update to junior club information.

Made clearer the separate results archive for Masters inter county matches, senior county matches and the SBA tournaments (Restricted and Bronze).

January 2017

Updated the Calendar page and updated the calendar. Still some dates for this season to be added such as the Masters matches and some local league tournaments.

Rearranged some of the pages to make them easier to find under a new, shorter list of tabs. Updated the 40s match reports and archived last seasons Masters match reports.

Updated tournament entry forms page with 2 new tournaments and removed links to completed events.

Small updates to club information based on club changes.

Updated the Senior results archive page with links to the recent Somerset Bronze results on the BE Tournament website. Archived last seasons singles league results.

November 2016

Put the Seniors team match reports for the last couple of seasons into Archive. Updated the First and Third team pages and nominated players list for the Second team still to be added.

Moved the Archive page from below the county teams pages to the bottom of the Senior Badminton menu. Need to move the tournament records to the Tournament Results and update them for both the Somerset Senior Bronze and the Somerset Senior Restricted.

Some new information added the Club News page.

October 2016

Added links to the Somerset Bronze and West of England Masters Tournament (over 40s to over 70s age groups)

Sept 2016

Updated the tournament page to remove completed events and add the entry form for the Somerset Masters Badminton tournament on 16th Oct.

Updated the club information for Unicorn Badminton Club, Hazelgrove social Badminton club and Minehead.

24th Mar 2016

added details to Somerset schools league page

updated National schools championship results

added county 3rd team report for season

1st Feb 2016

added results from Natioanls Schools championships to junior badminton

18th Nov 2015

Rally 21 tournament form added to tournament page - je

12th August 2015

Licensed coaches article - AP

3rd August 2015

Senior county archive documents updated - Restricted results/ County appearances

2nd August 2015

New SBA Junior Development Pathway added -AP


Tournament entry forms page updated to make it design-friendly and easier to integrate with the recent social media updates. -CP

5th June 2015

Hover over "Clubs in Your Area"  and there is a new page for the list of social and coaching opportunities. If you click on the "Clubs in your area" tab there is now a little explanation of what to find on the sub pages and how to get hold of us. Also amended the "How do I?" page information about finding info on local clubs.

15th May 2015

Final standings for Somerset Singles League added. -AP

10th May 2015

Added final 40s match report and final masters league positions information under Masters results archive. Removed completed tournament entry forms.


The website is going to be revamped and refreshed over this time to look modern and more welcoming, with changes beginning as of the 27th of March.  -CP

5th April 2015

Added senior match reports for first team -je

replaced vets tournament form with latest version - je

10th Mar 2015

South west champs added to tournament forms - JE

Corrected the broken Calendar links for junior and senior/vets county calendars


~MARCH 2015~

'Tournaments' will be improved over this month. Look out for 'Tournament entry forms' being renamed soon. ~CP

This development has now been completed. For tournement entry forms and results, please look in the 'Tournaments' tab.  ~CP

Navigation has been changed, putting the most accessed pages nearer the top to improve ease of access. ~CP


23rd Feb 2015

added new page to menu for Singles League


21st Feb 2015

added 2nd team match report


19th Feb 2015

Removed completed tournaments

Added tournament 19th Mar Taunton mixed handicap and updated  Taunton league results page.

Added some 40s match reports. Other vets match reports awaited. The calendars will be updated later in the week.


12th Feb 2015

George Rowden tournament entry form added


9th feb 2015

match reports for all senior matches added

current south somerset schools league table added


28th January 2015

Updated tournament entry form page. Removed completed events and added Yeovil junior entry form for Mar and Rally 21 entry form for Mar.


24th January 2015

Taunton League results and Tables updated


3rd January 2015

Taunton League results and Tables updated


11th December

Taunton League results and Tables updated


19th November

amended contact details for Alpha BC


14th November

See News for opportunity for 16 to 19 year olds to obtain level 1 coaching award

Added tournament information for juniors and seniors events of different levels taking place in local counties. Not a complete list. Refer to BE website for a full list for Gold / Silver / Bronze events for juniors and Seniors and Masters.


11th November

Junior tournament added

Casuals contact information updated

Moved After 8 Badminton from Senior League Clubs to Social and Coaching


10th November

Senior squad: 1st team match reports added


2nd November 

Taunton Badminton League fixtures/results/tables added


29th October

Junior Profiles Updated


21st October

Amended senior county team pages, and added match report for 2nd team

updated affiliation costs for 14/15 season


19th October

Added information on Strode College "No Strings" sessions and updated information on other sessions


25th Sept

Archived the County Seniors match reports for last season into the archive

Removed links to completed tournaments

Update club news page


18th September 2014

Updated information on social / beginner Badminton opportunities @ Crewkerne


5th Sept 2014

Added county restricted form plus Bronze forms to tournament page


28th Aug

Added 2014 county trials poster added to the County Squads page (7th and 14th Sept 2014). Dates for 2014/15 county training to be added as soon as available.


3rd August 2014

SBA Committee updated


3rd July

county senior appearances list updated


26th June

Tournaments added for 14/15 season


12th June 2014

Tournament page tidied up. Ricky Sansom added


8th April

Added last 40s match report of the season vs Wilts

Updated Club page

Tournament page updated to remove completed tournaments


23rd March 2014

End of season Somerset Vets Tournament 6th April added under tournament entry forms.

Last 40s match report added.


17th March 2014

Tournament page updated


1st March 2014

reports added for recent county matches


23rd February 2014

Added 40s match report for todays match vs Devon.


22nd February 2014

Added a link to the Badminton England page for volunteering for BE events under the volunteering page under coaching and development

Added a link to the WD Badminton League website for the 2nd March Handicap Tournament at Westlands in Yeovil

Updated the Taunton League results page


28th Jan 2014

Added Badminton Rally 21 and SES League Chaplin Tournament entry forms / posters

Under club news and club info added information on Yeovil Grads and Gryphon Badminton Club joining FB


7th January 2014

added first team match report


1st January 2014

Added photos to Parent and child news article

Added Avon singles tournament to tournament entry forms


8th December 2013

Added a link to Seasons Badminton club website to the social and coaching section.

Added notes from Taunton CBN meeting

Updated senior team match reports


2nd November 2013

Taunton badminton league tables/fixtures added for the 2013/2014 season


22nd October 2013

Item added to club news about Mendipway BC

SES Miller tournament poster added to entry form page

Slightly updated the Masters pages to reflect this years teams and dates/plans for events.

Removed Westland Badminton Junior Club that did not restart in Sept 2013


21st October 2013

Match report added to senior county page

training details put on 17-21 county squad page


16th October 2013

Match report added to senior county page

recently completed tournaments removed from the entry form page



27th Sept 2013

Vets fixtures loaded to the county calendar

2012/13 match reports for juniors, seniors and vets moved to their respective archives and new boxes raised to take the reports for the coming season.

recently completed tournaments removed from the entry form page


16th Sept 2013

added new BE regional team details to development page

added details on coaching courses to coaching page


7th sept 2013

added more tournaments to entry form page

deleted spam message on discussion forum


4th September 2013

County senior calendar updated for 13/14 season

Added some news to 17-21 squad page

Created page for SBA development group under coaching and dev.


21st July 2013

Added a short report on the Masters handicap tournament @ Westlands on 29th April for info


18th July 2013

2013/14 Committee updated

tournament entry forms page updated


26th June 2013

Affiliations costs for 2013/14 season are added on the "Constitution and Affiliations" page under "SBA and Committee"

Added links to the Badminton England Results website for the final league results and positions for the Somerset Masters teams.


18th June 2013

Added Gryphon tournament advert (14th July, doubles and mixed handicap)


3rd June 2013

Tournament entry forms for taunton graded added for 13/14

result from graded tourn on 31st May added to junior results archive


13th May 2013

Final Taunton badminton league tables updated.


29th April 2013

Date of Tone CBN meeting added to development section

Development page updated

New page created under SBA - Policies and procedures. link to BE safeguarding policy added.

No strings clubs details amended

Non county tournament form added.


14th april 2013

added 2nd team match report

removed old tournament entry forms


5th April 2013

updated tournament entry form page (deleted old graded tourn form/ added new one/ added ricky sansom)

added graded tourn result to junior results archive

updated details for the Wincanton junior Badminton coaching


25th March 2013

add match details for 1st , 2nd and 3rd teams


24th March 2013

Added final 40s match report of the season.


22nd March 2013

Added various No Strings information under social and coaching opportunities for adult Badminton. More information to follow.

Added new information abdout junior Badminton clubs

Removed completed events from tournament entry page

Updated the website link to Wells City Badminton Club

Added links to information on a league club and O50s club in Minehead plus info on the Tuesday Badminton Club in Chard


19th March 2013

Added Wincanton juniors to club section

Amended day/ time of Crewkerne Juniors

Added Torbay Open tournament form

Added South west Championships tournament form.


10th March 2013

Tournament entry form page updated to remove completed events

Results of todays non county junior tournament added, plus links to photos of the winners and runners up.

The juniors results archive currently contains various SBA and non SBA tournament results AND match report links for previous years so it has been moved into the main menu under the juniors section, rather than under the county age group page.


4th March 2013

40s match report added


2nd March 2013

Added Taunton Graded tournament form


24th February 2013

The 2012 junior county championships reports and 2 recent match reports collected in a list in date order under each of the age groups for county juniors. This format makes it easier to archive the entire set of reports together at the end of the season.


15th February 2013

Added results of Taunton graded tournament

Added 40s match report - a second victory in a row!


5th Feburary 2013

Taunton badminton  league tables  updated.

Update under Tournament entry forms and calendar for SES Chaplin tournament moving to 17th Mar


27th January 2013

40s match report added

Completed tournaments removed from the tournament entry form page


18th January 2013

Updated Taunton Schools league page

Added Devon Disability tourn form

Added match report - first team

removed details of Stanchester junior club as the club is no longer running


21st December 2012

removed old tournaments from tourn entry form page


18th December 2012

Updated archive result lists on junior and senior pages

Add !st team result


7th December 2012

removed article on news page ref level 2 course

added winners of local centre parc rounds


3rd december 2012

added match report - Somerset 2 v Berks 3


1st December 2012

added match report - dorset 2 v Somerset 2.


28th November 2012

Updated tournament entry page including adding the 16th Dec Parent and Child tournament poster and entry form.


22nd November 2012

Added amended version of REgional officers newsletter.


20th November 2012

Added Gryphon handicap tournament to the tournament list

Added a 40s match report

Jan/Feb/Mar Yeovil junior tournament entry forms added


19th November 2012

Added Regional officers newsletter

added under 21 dates to county calendar

updated county fixture list

added report of Guernsey v county 2nds


14th November 2012

Updated details for under 21 training and matches


10th November 2012

Posters/ entry forms for Rally 21 and social series events


5th November 2012

Details added to junior club section re Hambridge, Crewkerne and Stanchester.


2nd November 2012

Under 21 squad training detail added

Taunton graded tournament results added

updated South Som CBN date of next meeting


28th October 2012

The first masters match report has been loaded and nesws item added to encourage people t have a look at the match reports.

A link to the BE Tournament Software page for the Masters inter county leagues added to the Masters front page.


26th October 2012

Entry forms for Miller cup and Non county singles tourn added

Details of affilaition costs added under the SBA & Committee page


14th October 2012

Added results for county matches


13th October 2012

Updated county appearance list to include 11/12 season

added new county team captains


11th October 2012

Taunton Graded tourn form added

Added initial information about 2 non-county junior singles tournament in Yeovil and one singles/doubles tournament in Yeovil run over 2 weekends. Forms and posters to follow soon.

Changed layout of junior page - all county stuff under 1 heading

Changed layout of senior county page - all under 1 heading

Items added under Club News (under Senior Badminton)



5th October 2012

Change of date for under 21 practise

Senior county teams - players names added

Restricted report and results added to archive page

Development plan updated

CBN DONM added

South Somerset Gold Star Awards 2012 information added under "Information for Clubs" under the the Senior Badminton page. Entries to be submitted by 8th Oct in 11 categories for sports performers and volunteers.


4th October 2012

Information added to News on a levels and mixed sunday leagues to be run just across the border in Sherborne.


30th September 2012

Masters match dates added to the county calendar


28th September 2012

Mission statement added to hompage

New links page added - links moved from homepage

17-21 training details added


24th September 2012

Added individual pages for leagues under Senior badminton

Added a new page and some detail for new Somerset History page


23rd September 2012

Added a tournament report for todays Somerset Masters handicap tournament under the O40s/O45s/O50s/O60s pages.

Added the latest news item about Somerset Masters Badminton including the date for the next practice Oct 7th in Taunton.


22nd September 2012

Updated tournament entry page - deleted past tournament forms

Updated fixture list on Senior County squad page

Taunton League fixtures added


31st August 2012

Masters pages information updated and 40s capt added to the committee page. News of the Masters practice and tournament added, but awaiting poster/entry form information to be added.


30th August 2012

Results for Taunton graded tourn added to junior results archive


25th August 2012

Entry forms added for county events

County fixture list added

County Calendar amended with 2012/13 fixtures


15th July 2012

Ricky Sansom report added to news

Cornwall Open entry form added to Tournament entry forms page


13th July 2012

Added summer graded tournament form

Added tournament dates + links to tournament entry form page

added photos to school games


11th July 2012

Committee updated

Centre parcs page updated with 2012/13 info

Schools games page updated with results


10th July 2012

School Games report updated

Player profile pages added to junior, senior and masters pages

county training dates updated


2nd July 2012

Coachanyway link added to the coaching information page under coaching and development information. Link supplied by SASP under their Roots2Coaching, which supplies information to coaches from people just starting and gaining qualifications upwards.


30th June 2012

Tournament page updated. New Ricky Sansom Tournament info and junior county re-trials added.

Links added on some junior and senior club entries to BE Club Finder information. The Club Finder info is not complete for all clubs in Somerset and in some cases the serch function is not easy to use. If the system improves, then SBA may load as much information into the Club Finder System as possible.

Completed events removed from Seniors social and coaching page

Link to BA16 senior Badminton Club information added to senior club page.

Links to information on Badminton around the Internet on the Homepage updated and new ones added.

Links added to the "Information for Coaches" page under "Coaching and Development Information". Coaches might be interested in the new information.

The juniors and seniors 2011/12 match results are moved under the relevant archive page in preparation for the new season starting in Sept. Some of the details of team manager are not known at this time so the original pages are not fully updated for 2012/13 season. A summary of the teams, where known, and the  end of season leagues positions added in an entry dated end of April under seniors, juniors and masters archived results for 2011/12.

Archive of the 2011/12 main committee positions added to the end of season summary under the seniors 2011/12 results for information.


22nd June 2012

Added AGM details to news page.


15th June 2012

Added details of Level 1 coaching course to coaching page and news.


9th June 2012

Results for Taunton graded tournament added to junior archives

2011/12 Taunton Badminton League Results added


25th May

Taunton Badminton League page added under the Senior Badminton Clubs page in the Senior Badminton section.


22nd May 2012

Added report of Somersert sports awards to news page


19th May 2012

Added link to new Mendipway BC website. This club also has an open group on FaceBook.

Poster added for new No Strings Badminton sessions Tuesdays and Sundays in Wellington Sports Centre added under "Social and Coaching" under the Senior Badminton page


16th May 2012

Updated county first team match reports.

Added Hambridge BC to junior clubs


13th May 2012

news page updated re south west championships

13th May Yeovil Non County Junior tournament results added to the Junior archive page. Tournament organised by SES Badminton League and SSCBN.

Updated file of U17 ICC Nottingham teams added and new photos loaded


11th May 2012

13th May junior tournament entries listed under the "Tournament Entry Form" page.

Club leaders project added to info for clubs page

New pages added to senior badminton section - club news / info for clubs

Junior County trials info added to news page

Info added to news page about Level 1 coaching course

This page was added.