12/12/2014 17:54

Have you looked at the Tournament Entry forms page recently to see if there any local tournaments for you or your kids or your parents or grandchildren or grandparents? The latest to be added is the Rally 21 on 22nd Feb in Taunton with a Social players and League players in separate groups. The link below will take you straight there, or you can find the tab on the left hand side of the screen labelled "Tournament Entry Forms"

If you know of a tournament to be added please get in touch!! We are always keen to hear about new opportunities to play. If there are any of you from clubs around the county that would like to add or change details on the Club or Club News pages we always like to hear from you and pass on the information through this website. You just need to send us a message through the Feedback page which is also found on the left hand side and it gets forwarded to a volunteers email. If you remember to put your email address on the feedback we will get back to you! If you dont want to go through the website, feel free to post on the "I play Badminton in Somerset" page on Facebook. Any members of the page can invite their friends, but anyone can ask to join. If the Admin people dont know you, or we cant see you arent friends with people we know we might not accept you initially. We are just being cautious. If you ask and it takes more than a few days, feel free to PM one of the Admins with a short message so we know you are a real person and interested in Badminton in Somerset. We currently have 184 members and lately seem to be growing every week.

Good luck with your Badminton people and we hope to hear from you soon!!!