Somerset Masters Tournament @ Westlands

23/09/2012 12:00

For the first time in a few years Somerset Masters Badminton started the season with a tournament. With some new and some familiar faces and certainly some new pairings, play got underway at Westlands a little later than planned as people stopped for a chat after a long Summer apart. Both events were handicapped on ability rather than age. Rather a tricky thing to do at the start of the season with a couple turning out to be a bit ambitius or very kind. Some people had played over the Summer and others were picking up their rackets for the first time since April.

The tournament started with a level doubles playing 2 games to 21 no setting.

Winners  Stuart Pilkington and Jason Flagg

Runners Up  Kenny Francis and Neil Robson

Thank you to Chris Naylor, Lindsay Smith, Launa Eyles, Kerry Mullen, John Puckett and Will Cameron for making a good fun tough tournament for all. 


At about 2pm the mixed started, again with 2 games to 21 no setting against each other pair.

Winners Jason Flagg and Kerry Mullen

Runners up Jackie Malton and Kenny Francis

Thank you to Jane Reddaway, Lindsay Smith, Launa and Tony Eyles, Wendy Field and Stuart Pilkington for running it close.

To prove it was a masters tournament the tipple between games was tea or coffee with a few biscuits to wash it down and keep the sugar levels up.


A big thank you to all the players for starting the season off with a bang (and a few shouts from the usual suspects - you know who you are)

We are planning to hold an end of season tournament and look forward to seeing a few more entries.