Successful weekend at Masters County Challenge weekend

14/01/2014 21:37

The over 45's team had a very successful and enjoyable weekend both on and off the court.

 Playing in the lower age group meant that collectively Somerset were the oldest team - but despite that still finished second ,with victories over Surrey(4-0) ,Sussex(3-1),Devon (3-1),I of W(3-1) - a draw with Middlesex (2-2) and only one loss to the eventual winners Kent (1-3) . Sadly they were our first match of the weekend and one wonders if we might have got a better result if we had played them later on - but they were a very strong team and deserved to win the division .

 The Saturday night dinner and dance was a great success ,especially with our own  Champagne reception prior to the meal !

 My thanks to all who played and performed so admirably ,and special thanks to our team manager for keeping us on track ,on time and on the right courts !


Team manager ; Mary Buckle

          Ladies; Launa Eyles- Cath Vigar- Kerry Mullen-Christine Hunt- Jane Keates

          Gentlemen; James Buckle-James Elkin-Chris Ashworth-Barry Harriss