Somerset Vets handicap tournament

28/04/2013 16:00

At the close of a long season, the county organised another veterans handicap tournament at Westlands to mark the end of the season and to encourage new players into the Somerset county masters family of players. The handicapping was by ability rather than age, which again caused some comments. A few people were unable to enter as they were away on holiday or work. The event was held in 2 parts, to give everyone lots of Badminton.

The first event started as a mixed entry, but included a couple of mens teams as there were not enough ladies, the pairings were:

Lindsay Smith and Jane Reddaway, Jason Flagg and Jane Keates, Rob Bugden and  Wendy Field, Will Cameron and Jane Lipton, Roy Allen and Stuart Pilkington, John Puckett and Martyn Gossage.

The winners were Jane Reddaway and Lindsay Smith runners up on ends won was the first time pairing of Jason Flagg and Jane Keates. The handicapping was close enough, that if the second place had been decided on points won, the second place would have gone to Wendy and Rob.


Almost all of the players swapped partners to play a levels event, also handicapped with the following pairings;

Jane Lipton and Jane Reddaway, Wendy Field and Jane Keates, Maryn Gossage and Will Cameron, Jason Flagg and John Puckett, Stuart Pilkington and Roy Allen, Lindsay Smith and Rob Bugden.

The winners were John Puckett and Jason Flagg, the runners up were Jane Reddaway and Jane Lipton. Each of the pairs dropped only 1 game. Jason and John lost 1 game to 20 and Jane and Jane lost one game to 19. Again some close handicapping and some good games.


Unfortunately, in the last round of the levels, in the only ladies doubles of the afternoon, Jane Keates went over on her ankle and was not able to finish. We wish her a speedy recovery and hope to see her on court again next season!


The organisers would like to thank everyone for coming and making it a good event, including thanks to Roy for struggling through a particularly nasty hangover. A few made it over to the bar for a quick drink and a chat before heading home.