Somerset U17 v Avon away Sunday 6th October

06/10/2013 19:56
Well done to Sophie Cording, Meg Pressley-Smith and Ollie Heywood for making their debut for Somerset at Avon.
The match was won by Avon 31 to 5 but many matches were closely contested by the boys and girls and it was a shame that the result didn't reflect this.  Ellie Slawin won her singles easily and the boys didn't quite manage to win a singles although Callum Pilton, Rhys Coates, Matt England and Tom Garty came close.  Callum Pilton and James O'Connor won two boys doubles Rhys Coates and Tom Garty came close to nearly win a doubles. and then Ellie Slawin and Alex Crossley won two doubles matches Georgia Ley and Meg Pressley-Smith came close to winning one of their doubles matches.  The mixed doubles were all won by Avon. 
The match was played in a great spirit and was enjoyed by all.