Somerset U17 Championships Results 2013-14

06/10/2013 19:53

This was a very close fought  final in the boys singles between Callum Pilton and Rhys Coates with Callum just easing through in the second set after setting.  The Ladies Singles was poorly supported  in this age group but never the less the final was won by Ellie Slawin and this was her first year in this age group, Ellie beat Georgia Ley in the final.  The boys doubles was won by Callum Pilton and James O’Connor  who beat Rhys Coates and Connor Robson – who has just returned to County badminton after a long  break from sport.  The ladies doubles was won by Ellie Slawin and Ellie Gardner who beat Meg Pressley-Smith and Georgia Ley.


Overall the competition was played in a very good spirit and everyone was exceptionally well behaved and competed in an adult fashion.