40s vs Dorset (Home)

10/02/2013 13:00

Venue: Westland Leisure Complex, Yeovil  1pm

Team: Wendy Field, Jane Reddaway, Sarah-Jane Trask, Kerry Mullen, Dave Lovering, Barry Harriss, Andrew Carpenter, Jason Flagg

The team arrived eager to build on their recent victory. Having a whole team was a slight achievement after an error with comunication and a player dropping out on the morning with flu.

A slight change to the pairings for this match. Barry and Andrew snuck a good victory at 1st mens pair and David and Jason romped home after a game of inattention. Jane and Wendy managed a victory in 3 sets and Kerry and Sarah-Jane managed a solid victory. We then went down to 3 courts, which worked well to give people a chance to have a cuppa and a biscuit from time to time. Both mens pairs won the reverse games convincingly. The ladies managed the same. First mixed were Barry and Sarah-Jane playing their first match together and having looked like winning from the start, that is exactly what they did. Wendy and Dave both played inconsistently and were unable to win despite the biscuit break at one change of ends, though did take Andy Wakely and his partner to a third end. In the end this was the only live match dropped by Somerset - shame on you captain! Jason and Jane looked like a pair that had played together before and took 3rd mixed in fine style. Andrew and Kerry played 4th mixed and won despite being 2 lefties playing together. Not necessarily a problem, it just doesnt happen often, so takes a bit of adjustment.

Thanks to Barry for playing up from the 45s for the second time and Kerry stepping in 90 minutes before the start of the match so that all the games were played. Having already played up twice from the 45s, her games did not count towards the final result. Also thank you to Sarah-Jane for "playing mum" and making many of the drinks.

Final Result: Somerset won 8-4