2nd Team - Berkshire 3rd (Home)

13/11/2011 13:00

Venue: Crewkerne Sports Centre, Crewkerne

Team: Fiona Rooke (C, S1), Wendy Field, Vicki Cornish (S2), Emily Buckle, James Buckle, Ian Pocock, Joe Wakelam (S1), Tom Hunt (S2) 

The second match of the season for the 2nds saw the complete team of nominated players out in force. Rumours abounded about Guernsey playing at Wadham in the morning turned out to be untrue so we had four courts from 1pm and kicked off with the singles on all four courts.

Joe played extremely well and won his in 2, and Tom battled hard and came from a game down to win in 3. Fiona played badly but fortunately her opponent played even worse and Fiona won in 2. Vicki won the first end convincingly, then lost the second 20-22, but fought hard and won the 3rd.

So at the end of the singles Somerset are 4-0 up! Almost unheard of for Somerset 2nds.

Unfortunately, things did not continue in the same vein. All four doubles started and Fiona and Wendy beat the 1st pair of ladies in 2. Vicki and Emily failed to find their usual form and unfortunately lost in 2 to the second pair. Ian and Jo lost to the second pair in 2 and James suffered a nasty injury during the first end of his and Tom’s match against the first pair and was forced to retire from the rest of the match.

In the reverse doubles, Fiona and Wendy won in 2, whilst Emily and Vicki lost in 2. Ian and Joe lost against the 1st pair, so at the end of the doubles it was 6-6.

Going into the mixed we needed 2 of the 3 to win the match and the players not in the mixed were put to work in the gym area looking after 2 children of the players on court after a couple of court incursions during the knock up. Ian and Wendy fought hard but lost in 2. Joe stepped in to replace James and he and Emily played very well, so were unlucky to lose in 3. Fiona and Tom played well against a tricky pair and narrowly lost in 3.

Final result: Somerset 2nds lost 9-6.

We gained a point, but came away disappointed after such a good start. Wishing James a speedy recovery.