SES load levels league final positions

17/04/2014 20:22

SES levels final tables and positions have just been loaded onto the SES website

Click here to go to the 2013/14 results page 

Well done to everyone playing in the four divisions this season including many new pairings and congratulations to the winners. KA Wizards won the Premier division by 1/2pt from second placed Grads. Westlands 4 won division 1, beating KA Wizards 2 into second place. Gryphons 1 won division 2 quite convincingly with Westlands 5 coming second Gryphon 2 also won the 3rd division but by only 2 points over second placed Irregulars 2. So nice to see 2 or 3 ladies pairs breaking into the ranks of the levels league at their respective divisions. We look forward to seeing more of you next season. All new entries will go in at an appropriate level and not have to work up from the bottom.

Well done to Kevin Jenkins for surviving his first season as SES levels doubles rep and compiling the results tables. We will shortly be loading the final results and positions for the mixed league and the Knockout.

If you would be interested in entering a team into the mixed (2 men, 2 ladies playing 2 mixed and 1 levles each) or the levels (1 pair with only 1 home night in a season and a maximum of 5 matches in a season), then please feel free to contact the league through the feedback page on the SES Badminton League website.

Hope you all have a good Easter!