O50s vs Wiltshire (Away)

18/03/2012 13:00

Venue: Christie Miller Sports Centre, Melksham

Team: Martin Gossage, Neil Robson, Stuart Pilkington, Lindsay Smith, Launa Eyles, Val Fraser, Jackie Malton and Mary Ballett.
The 50's played there last match of the season on Sunday 18th March away to Wiltshire and ended up with there second win of the season by 8 - 4. The team won two men's, four ladies and two mixed. The first men's lost in three but was very close and won against the Wilts second pair. The second men's won their opening men's in two but where beaten in their second match. The Ladies won all four of there matches with some of them going to three. This was a great effort from the Ladies as one of them was playing there first match of the season. We won two out of the four Mixed with the loosing matches being very close with the fourth Mixed being piped at post in the third end.
Jackie had a lot of trouble getting a side out for this match but we got there in the end. We would like to thank all of the players for playing in the match none more so than Lindsay and Mary who played there first league match of the season and where only asked on the Saturday before the match on the Sunday. So many thanks to those two players who played for the first time.
Final Result: Somerset won 8-4