O40s vs Wilts (Home)

15/11/2015 13:00

Venue: Crewkerne

Team: Jason Flagg, Dave Weekes, Simon Ashenden, Mark Yeandle, Nikki Harriss, Fiona Rooke, Wendy Field, Sarah-Jane Trask.

Our full team out for the third match of the season without significant limping or bandaging or medication - quiet celebrations by the captain.

Dave/Jason played together for the first time together but the opponents found gaps and they lost in 3. Simon / Mark were a little unsure on court together and also went down in 3. In Fionas first game back from a foot injury, they took a strong first ladies doubles in 3, but Wendy/SJT were unable to repeat the feat at second ladies.

Hurray for the boys winning both return levels. Nikki/Fiona lost their reverse levels in 3, but again Wendy/SJT were unable to get so close. Ok Dave we ladies admit that the rare event for Somerset Badminton has occurred of the men winning more than the ladies after the levels, but there is still all to play for in the mixed. Behave young man. 5 of the 8 levels went to 3 sets.

So onto the mixed and 3 needed to make it level.

Nikki/Dave won easily again at first mixed, Simon / Fiona struggled to get into a pattern and lost in two at second mixed, Mark / SJT didnt quite get into their stride and lost at 3rd mixed, but bringing up the rear Jason / Wendy snuck 4th mixed in 3 sets (against Howard Legg, who is brother to a former Somerset seniors team player and was an opponent to many in league Badminton in Somerset).

Result: Wilts won 7-5