O40s vs Glos (away)

18/10/2015 13:00

Venue: Glos

Team: James Elkin, Dave Weekes, Simon Ashenden, Mark Yeandle, Wendy Field, Sarah Bryan, Nikki Harriss, Sarah-Jane Trask

Welcome to Dave Weekes for his first ever O40s match. A very cheerful newbie and welcome addition to the O40s team. This match was always going to be a tough first match of the season. With Jason unable to play due to work, super sub James Elkin was drafted in the day before. Watching James prepare his tape, strapping and warm up was an education. Sorry no 2hr warm ups like the World Masters Champs.

Dave/James took on the role of first pair, but they and Mark/Simon dropped both first matches in 2. Nikki/Wendy just lost in 2 playing 1st pair with setting in the second end and SJT/Sarah just missed out getting into setting in their second end.

In the reverse levels, Dave/James lost 22-20 in the 3rd end and Mark/Simon lost in 2 against a strong and tricky Glos 1st pair (half of which had also been to the recent World Masters Champs). Nikki/Wendy managed to win their ladies in 2, SJT/Sarah were unable to make much headway against the strong first pair.

Nikki/Dave had a storming win at first mixed, Wendy and a limping James lost in 2 at 2nd mixed, Simon / Sarah lost in two at third mixed and Mark/SJT lost at 4th mixed.

Fingers crossed for Fiona and Jason to be able to play the next match, but thank you to Sarah and James for helping out! The team settled in for a good cuppa and some food with a good chat after the match.

Results: Glos won 10-2