O40s vs Devon

18/11/2012 13:00

Team Jason Flagg, Barry Harriss, Dave Lovering, Andrew Carpenter, Wendy Field, Nikki Harriss, Kerry Mullen, Jane Reddaway

Venue Acorn Sports Centre Torbay


With a warning light coming on in the lead car on the way down and rev limiter restricting power, the convoy was happy to make it to the match on time. Trying to use an iPhone with long nails while sitting in the back of a fast moving car to attempt to work out the meaning of the warning was an exercise in patience. Good navigation from Kerry got us there easily without the use of the map or a GPS.

Andrew and Dave playing together for the first time were unable to win their first match and Jason and Barry playing 1st mens lost in 3 by a very narrow margin. Both ladies pairs (Kerry/Nikki and Wendy/Jane) stepped up to win both of the first round of ladies doubles.

Barry and Jason looked a little more determined in their second match and pulled off a positive 3 set victory against the second pair and Andrew and Dave were not able to match the much stronger Devon first pair. Kerry and Nikki cruised to a good win, which Jane and Wendy were not able to match against Devons first pair which played at a frustratingly slow pace.

Hubby and wifey Harriss stepped up for an emphatic win at first mixed, Jason and Jane were narrowly beaten at second mixed, Kerry and Dave just lost at 4th mixed and after a delay for the AA, Wendy and Andrew at 3rd mixed lost a tight game in 3 sets.

Thank you to the patience of Barry and Nikkis kids for playing more quietly than the hoover that started up mid point in the reverse ladies doubles. Well done kids. Was looking good when you got on court at the end for a quick budgie bashing session while the last mixed was played! The whole team was please to have a better result than the previous match, but with 4 tight matches going Devons way the team felt they had been very close to a draw in only their second match as a new team. After a quick shower the team were treated to some great sandwiches, cakes and hot drinks before pushing off back to Somerset with no car dramas.

Somerset lost 5-7