O40s vs Devon (away)

13/11/2016 12:00

Venue: Ottery Leisure Centre, Ottery St Mary

Team: Simon Ashenden, Jason Flagg, Barry Harriss, Andrew Carpenter, Wendy Field, Nikki Harriss, Fiona Rooke, Sarah-Jane Trask

On arrival we were pleased to hear that there would be 4 courts as the IoW had been unable to travel over to a match in a different age group. Unfortunately 2 of the players had mis-read the time of the match and were a little late. By this time the team knew they were in for a tough match because of the players that had turned up for the opposition. Betty Blair has chosen to play the occasional masters match with her good friend Mark Trebble.

Simon and Jason were unable to make much headway against Mark and Darren, but pulled out all the stops to take a 3 set win against the second pair. Barry and Andrew didnt make too much headway against the second pair, but pushed Mark and Darren to a 22-20 in the second end.

Nikki and Fi managed a couple of imperious displays of ladies doubles and took both of theirs in 2 sets. Wendy and Sarah-Jane were unable to follow that form and lost both in 2 sets.

Nikki and Jason as the regular first pair were unable to make much headway against the regular pairing of Mark and Betty. Barry and Fi managed solid mid teens result in a 2 set loss. Wendy and Simon lost in a slightly noisy and frustrating 3 set match, losing 21-19 in the third end. Sarah-Jane and Andrew also lost in 2 sets in solid mid teens scores.

Result: Devon won 9-3