O40s vs Cornwall (Home)

28/01/2013 00:13

Venue: Crewkerne

Team: Wendy Field, Jane Reddaway, Sarah-Jane Trask, Sarah Bryan, Dave Lovering, Will Cameron, Chris Naylor, Jason Flagg

Nikki Harriss had been ill for some time and was unable to play today. The team all wish her well and hope she will be back with the team for the next match in only 2 weeks time.

With 2 new people in the team the pairings took some discussion. Chris and Jason looked impressive, but lost heavily to the Cornwall first mens pair while Will and Dave snuck a usefull 3 set victory in the first round of doubles after an end of getting used to playing with a new partner. Wendy and Jane didnt quite manage to play their game all the way through against the Cornwall first ladies pair, but always looked like victory was likely and it came to pass in 3 sets. A new pairing of Sarah-Jane and Sarah kept cheerful and positive and pulled off a much appreciated victory. Both of them were full of smiles, especially Sarah playing her first match for Somerset County Masters.

Will and Dave made a brave effort against the much stronger and more experienced Cornwall 1st pair, but Chris and Jason were able to keep calm and stay consistent to win their tussle against the Cornwall second pair. Sarah and Sarah-Jane pushed their opponents hard and scored well, but were not quite able to get another victory under their belts. Jane and Wendy had a fairly convincing win against the second pair, though Wendy found it rather difficult to see properly on the slightly darker end court as the errant left contact lens that had split and headed north before the first warm ups of the day continued to be a problem. This left her swinging and hoping on occasion, trying not to have net shot rallies at any cost and confusing Jane by trying to take more down the middle than usual.

So going into the mixed the 40s were in the unaccustomed position of leading 5-3 and needing only 2 of the mixed for a much yearned for first win of the season. Chris and Sarah took to the court for the first time together and managed a stunning 3 set victory that started with a 25-23 win in the first and ended with a more convincing 21-12, much to the obvious appreciation of her newly returned husband and daughter. Sarah-Jane and Dave have been regular mixed partners, who pushed their opponents, but just lost in 2 sets. Jason and Wendy were behind for most of the 1st set, but were able to sneak through for a win, but were unable to sustain it and lost in 3. Shortly after the conclusion of that game, Will and Jane pulled off the match winning 3 set victory to the home team (and supporter) obvious delight.

Both teams headed out for some well earned food and drink.

Final score: Somerset win 7-5 yippeeeeeeee