O40s Veterans Championships @ Bournemouth

14/01/2012 10:20

Over 40’s team:

Wendy Field, Nikki Harriss, Jane Reddaway, Launa Eyles

Will Cameron, Nigel Tomlinson, Lindsay Smith, Chris Naylor


Saturday 14th Jan:

Somerset v Dorset

The newly formed under 40’s team first opposition of the tournament was Dorset.  First on were the ladies doubles partnership of Wendy and Nikki and after a steady start the Somerset pair took the first end 21-10. The second end saw long rallies and a much tighter score line, with the Somerset pairing winning the second set 21-16. The mens doubles pairing of Will and Chris took on the Dorset mens pair, producing some competitive badminton and just losing out to the Dorset pair 14-21, 11-21. A competitive first mixed saw Nigel and Launa win strongly 21-15, 21-15. Unfortunately due to the ruling by the BAofE, Launa’s games did not count towards Somerset totals for the whole weekend, due to Launa having played in another category at Hatfield the previous week. Jane and Lindsay started strongly against the second mixed Dorset pair just losing 19-21 in the first set and then 10-21 in the second end.

Final score Dorset won 3-1

Somerset v Wiltshire

With a strong Wiltshire team next, it was decided to swap pairings around. Wendy and Jane went on against the Wiltshire ladies doubles pair and played a tight fought match, just losing 16-21, 16-21. Will and Chris battled hard but found the opposition men a strong pairing and lost 12-21, 7-21. Nikki and Nigel at first mixed had a very tight first end winning 23-21 and then took control of the game to win 21-9.  At second mixed Launa and Lindsay put on a good performance against the Wiltshire pair just losing 11-21, 7-21.

Final score Wiltshire won 3-1.


The day ended on a high with good food and very entertaining dancing by both Somerset 40s and 50s teams!!! There are a few photos loaded of the weekend, but really what happens on tour stays on tour! After such frivolity would the team be ready to face the next day with a first match at 9am?  What were the pairings going to be? Would we be able to win a match?


So on to day 2 .........  Sunday 15th January

Somerset v Surrey

Hmmm 9am first match.Is this fun? Were this team going to be stronger than the Wiltshire team? Would all of the team arrive on time? Or was the captain going to have a stressy after such dire warnings from the organisers the night before? No such problems arose as Launa and Jane stepped up for ladies doubles. With both resisting the temptation to run to the net each point they put up a good fight and came close in the first end and finally losing out 17-21, 13-21. Will and Lindsay gave it some welly and plenty of effort, but succumbed 5-21, 7-21. Nikki and Nigel took to the court again in good form and won 21-13, 21-19. Wendy and Chris stepped on court, but she kept getting in the way of her partners best efforts until the they managed a surge towards the end of the second end, but finally lost 10-21, 16-21.

Final Score Surrey won 3-1


Somerset v IoW

The team went into the match with rumours that this might be a team we might have a chance to beat. The opposition only had 2 men, so the match effectively started at 1-1 as IoW had to surrender the mens doubles and Somerset the second mixed being played by Launa. Wendy and Jane had a good run in the ladies doubles. It seemed at least 1 of the opposition might still be a little pickled from the night before and the doubles was won 21-4, 21-3. Will and Lindsay played well and won their mens doubles 22-20, 21-19. With Somerset sitting at 2-1 Nikki and Nigel stepped onto court for a match that could bring the team a victory and they did 21-11, 21-10. Launa and Chris also won their mixed with some ease 21-12, 21-7.

Final Score Somerset won 3-1


Somerset v Devon

With pairings changing from match to match, it was noted that Nigel had not played a mens doubles and Will had not played a mixed, so now was time to rectify this. Nikki and Wendy stepped on court together for the second time of the weekend and won 21-14, 21-3. Catastrophe in the mens doubles as Nigel picked up an injury. What a shame to end the weekend injured. Chris and Nigel had been very quiet in the first game, but talking and planning in the second they had been pulling back and looked likely to push their opponents hard all the way. They lost 10-21 and were about 16-16 in the second. With some trepidation Launa and Will stepped in as 1st mixed. With all the ideas on pairings that had floated around before the last match, it was only some time later that Will realised with a smile that he had played 1st mixed and come away with a scoreline of 13-21, 16-21. Lindsay and Jane lost the last mixed of the weekend 9-21, 10-21.

Final Score Devon won 3-1


Still daylight and the sun shining as we left the sports hall, it was time for the team to head for home after a fun weekend having won 1 match and lost 4. Hopefully enough players can be found for the next season to run a 40s league team. Click here to have a look at the photos