O40s H vs Glos

09/03/2014 13:00

Venue - Crewkerne

Team - Barry Harriss, James Buckle, Mark Yeandle, Simon Ashenden, Wendy Field, Nikki Harriss, Sarah Bryan, Sarah-Jane Trask

The team arrived in time to be ushered into the far end of the hall, while the kids party moved into the gym area for fun and food. The captain arrived with Cadburys Creme Eggs for the end of the match and the team brought some good food, some well behaved little supporters and James brought the n1 supporter Mary. Mark managed to remember his shorts and his partner even brought a spare just in case, plus a shirt so they matched - aawwww. Fingers crossed the shirt that clashes with itself wouldnt make it out of the bag this time and the team looked like a team in either red or black and took to the task with confidence, despite the 12-0 loss last season away to Glos.

Barry was back with the 40s after the all clear after his eyesight correction. Barry and James won both mens doubles though slightly closer than they would have liked against the Gls second pair. Mark and Simon also managed to beat the Glos second pair in 3 sets, but lost to the first pair in 2. Yay boys - 3 out of 4. Can the ladies manage the same?

Nikki and Wendy beat the first pair in match that ended slightly tighter than it should have been, but picked themselves up to win against the second pair more easily. Sarah and Sarah-Jane put up a good fight against the second pair, but were no match for the much stronger first pair.

Going into the mixed, Somerset needed only 2 more to beat top of the table Glos - go team. Could we keep it together, or would mixing up pairings again for a different team cause more problems? Barry and Wendy couldnt quite re-capture the well oiled machine from the old days playing for the county seconds and lost in 2. Simon and Sarah pushed the opposition at third pair, going down 22-20 in the second end. Sarah-Jane and Mark Yeandle squeaked through with a 3 set victory with 22-20 in the third. It was all down to the last game on with the experienced pairing of Nikki Harriss and James Buckle fighting it out at second pair. To the relief and joy of the Somerset team and disappointment of Glos, James and Nikki won 21-19 in the third. The game was a hard fought ding dong battle to the end. It must be said the shuttle felt rather crushed at the end poor thing!

Glos had been beaten for the first time in the 3 seasons that the team have played in the 40s league and the food, chat, Somerset smiles and Cadburys Creme Eggs flowed.

Thank you to the little supporters for collecting the shuttles with a reasonable expectation of a Creme Egg. Special mention goes to the chocolate cake made by Sarah-Jane. "Something with chocolate" was the request from Barry for agreeing to play after his mid week all clear, so that is what was provided. He certainly made the most of the cake! Did his kids get to eat the eggs they took we all ask ourselves. We shall have to investigate and get back to you dear reader.


Result: Somerset won 7-5