O40s H vs Devon

23/02/2014 13:00

Venue: Crewkerne

Team: Mark Yeandle, Andrew Carpenter, Dave Lovering, Chris Ashworth, Wendy Field, Nikki Harriss, Sarah-Jane Trask, Sarah Bryan


Happy days - a match at the same time as the 60s. With a txt to say he was on his way, expectations were high for Mark to get to the match on time for the 2 mens doubles to go on first. Not quite what happened, so the mens and ladies first pairs went on just after 1. Dave and Chris looked a little unsure and dropped the first set, but pushed the opposition hard in the second end. Nikki and SJT nearly snuck the first end, but werent able to keep the momentum going in losing the second end. By this time Mark had arrived and admitted to not having a pair of shorts with him, so we spent some time asking around and him being found a pair that were just the decent side of legal. There were slightly more discussions on a red skort. They lost the first game to 19, but lost the second more heavily. By the time the captains/players were on the 3rd attempt to fill in names on a scoresheet and found some tippex to avoid a 4th, Wendy and Sarah went on and managed to pull off a 2 set win - yay - Somerset were on the board.

With a chance to go back to the usual format, both mens pairs went on for the reverse games but both lost in setting in the second ends.

Nikki and SJT pulled off a second win - yay. Wendy and Sarah were up in the first but couldnt close it out, then won the second containing some scoring drama, but couldnt hold on for a repeat in the third, so couldnt quite make it 3 on the board.

Hmmm - the mixed. If the team could win all 4 it would be a draw. Was that wishful thinking? Methinks maybe.

SJT and Mark didnt quite seem to know who should be where, they lost in 2. Less cross courts next time might help! Grads to the rescue and at 2nd mixed Nikki and Chris won convincingly in 2 sets. Sarah and Dave lost at 3. Wendy and Andrew took the second end to go into a third set, but feeling drained of energy Wendys game fell apart and they lost convincingly in the third, which also included a scoring drama.

Congratulations to Andrew for the gymnastics display after the match.


Result: Somerset lost 9-3