O40s H IoW

09/02/2014 13:00

Venue: Crewkerne, 1pm

Team: Wendy Field, Kerry Mullen, Sarah Bryan, Sarah-Jane Trask, Andrew Carpenter, Mark Yeandle, Simon Ashenden, Dave Lovering

Hmm - weather - would IoW manage to get across, that was the question as there had been rain and wind over the previous couple of days. Luckily on the day the wind had dropped and the sun decided to come out. What a surprise for anyone about to spend a Sunday in a sports hall - first sunshine for aaaaaggggeeesss!

Luckily on arrival we found we were able to use 4 courts, though this was slightly tempered by the non-arrival of Mark Yeandle even by 1:20. Stuart, the Vets co-ordinator and stalwart of the 60s team was there for the start to give the home team the shuttles and by 1:20 was volunteering to go back to Yeovil to get his kit and play. Andrew and Dave went on for their game and both ladies games went on. 2 points in, Mark turned up through the be-puddled roads and played with Simon. A quick call to Stuart saved him an afternoon playing a 40s match.

Simon and Mark had played together at the 4 way match between Christmas and New Year, so for the first time this season, all pairs had met before playing together. Dave and Andrew managed to overcome the first pair, but lost to the second pair. After a late start, Mark took a while to get into their first game against the second pair and lost, though they managed to snatch victory in 3 sets against their first pair.