O40s A Dorset

19/01/2014 13:00

Venue: Harewood College, Bournemouth 1pm start

Team: Wendy Field, Sarah-Jane Trask, Sarah Bryan, Jane Lipton, Neil Robson, Chris Naylor, Mark Yeandle, Andrew Carpenter.

With the Sat Nav initially taking most of the team coming from the Yeovil direction to the local police compound, we all managed to find it in the end. Thank you to the 3 50s team players that played up, especially Jane Lipton for driving down straight after coaching at Crewkerne. Although that left 1 pair going on a little late, in fact the place was huge and we were quickly using 3 or 4 courts through the whole match. There was little time to cheer on the 60s playing in the other half of the hall.

The men won all 4 levels, with the new pairing of Mark and Andrew being intorduced to each other at the start of the match and Neil and Chris with the experience of playing together in the 50s, just got on with the job in hand. These were not easy with games going to 3.

Jane and Wendy took a comfortable path through both games, but with the sound of "hit it down" ringing through the venue, or rather from SJTs mouth to Sarahs head, they dropped their first match and won their second.

Sitting at 7-1 up going into the mixed, Somerset were on for a win no matter what happened in the mixed.

SJT and Mark had a blast and came reasonably unscathed through to a victory at first pair, Wendy and Andrew easily won theirs at 2, Sarah and Chris managed to pick up where they had left off last season (playing together in the 40s) and get a win, but unfortunately Neil ran out of puff against the much younger opposition and he and Jane lost their mixed at 4th pair.

Big smiles from all the team after a good victory.

Final score: Somerset won 10-2