First team Matches so far..

18/02/2017 18:59

The first team have had a difficult start to the season, and after 2 weekends are bottom of the division.  However hope of escaping relegation runs high, with 3 matches left against the teams directly above them.

First match was a 10-1 loss to Gloucestershire. Only win was by Lauren Sevieri-Darch in the singles. This was followed by a 8-3 defeat to Berkshire with wins for Dean Martin at first singles, Kelly Fairey / Laura Goodland at doubles, and Kelly with Andy Mullen in the mixed. Unfortunately Lauren tore her achilles in her singles match which has put her out for the season.

The second weekend saw defeats v Dorset (8-3) and Devon (10-1). Winners were Laura Goodland at singles and both ladies doubles (Laura/ Kelly, Claire Harrison/ Nicki Harriss). Kelly and Laura won the lone match v Devon.

Due to unavailablity and injury, a large number of players have competed so far - thank you to all of them.

John Foley, Pete Fairey, Dave Weekes, Dean Martin, Martin Hoyland, Ian Pocock, Tom Crisp, Andy Mullen, Simon Denton

Kelly Fairey, Laura Goodland, Claire Harrison, Nicki Harriss, Marion Ginger, Lauren Sevieri- Darch, Helen O'Rourke