2nd Team - Guernsey (Home)

16/10/2011 12:30

Venue: Cewkerne Sports Centre  12:30-4pm

Team: Launa Eyles, Wendy Field (S1), Vicki Cornish (S2), Emily Buckle, Ian Pocock, Joe Wakelam (S1), Peter Allen (S2, playing up), James Buckle.

(Tom Hunt and Fiona Rooke unavailable)

With all 4 courts available it was time for some to sit back and watch the singles. The team has some new younger faces in it this season so the team are looking forward to playing in some new pairings. Pete Allen and Vicki Cornish fought hard to win to take the teams into the doubles at 2-2.

The new pairing of James and Pete just lost to the Guernsey mens doubles pair in 3 and another new pairing of Joe and Ian beat the 2nd pair with a comfortable score.

Launa and Wendy started well against the first pair to take the 1st end well and fought bravely through the second to win in straight sets - phew. Always nice to get a little revenge after a close defeat in the singles. Against the 2nd pair, Emily and Vicki carried on their good form from the county restricted to closely win the first end and with a slight change of tactics storm through the second end.

Ian and Joe just lost against the Guernsey 1st mens doubles pair 20-22, 20-22, while Pete and James managed a convincing victory against the second pair.

After a brief blip in concentration through most of the second end, Launa and Wendy won against the Guernsey 2nd pair, while Emily and Vicki fought to the last point (25-23) to beat the 1st pair in 2 sets.

So yet again the ladies did better than the men, taking the team into the mixed 8-4 up. So, going into the last round of games, just 2 out of the 3 mixed were needed to take all 3 points from the match.

Wendy and Ian took the first end, but succumbed to the Guernsey 1st pair. James and Emily retired at 18-18 in the second end when James injured his calf muscle. The new pairing of Launa and Pete had a ding dong battle in 3 sets. In the third they were down most of the way through, but pulled out a much appreciated victory 21-19 in the third.

Final score: Somerset win 9-6

So the new players are settling into their new team and the team is looking forward to the rest of the season. BRING IT ON!!!!