End of season Masters Tournament proposal

10/03/2015 23:33

Below is a copy of an email proposing an end of season Masters tournament. Thats Vets to us old schoolers and looking for people that will be over 40 now or during next season. We are particularly looking for people that are keen to represent their county for next season, but we are also looking to find people simply wanting to play Masters Badminton. We try to have practices in the season that all Vets are welcome to attend. Anyone wishing to play for a team will need to be Badminton England registered for that season.

If you have any comments, want to get your name on the list or just have a question then please send us a message through the Feedback page (not forgetting to add your email address if you want a response) and we will get back to you shortly.


"...Dear All,

Well January has been and gone and we never did find a slot for our last Vets practice of the season, sorry.  But, if there is enough interest we would still like to run a Somerset Masters Championship around mid to late April.  As mentioned in an earlier email this will give us opportunity to find out, exactly what players we have, and in plenty of time to submit teams for the 2015/16 season. 

Some initial thoughts for the tournament; depending on numbers, is to perhaps run age group tournaments, with handicapping by age only in 5 year increments, and in the following age groups;

40 – 50 (competitors age 45-50 may receive a positive age related handicap)
50 – 60 (competitors age 55 -60 may receive a positive age related handicap)
60 +      (competitors age 65 -70 and 70-75, and 75+ may receive a positive age related handicap)


Also if it is feasible, we would like to run alongside the age group tournament a Masters Open, Non-Handicapped Tournament, and in addition to the usual doubles, dare I say it, Singles as well.... It only takes 2 to enter, and singles could be on !!

With both tournaments, if players want to enter but have no partner we will try to pair them up as entries permit.

It would be great to receive your feedback within a couple of weeks, not only from yourselves but other club players who you think might want to enter.  If the interest is there we will endeavour to get it organised, so please let me know your thoughts, even if it is simply no thanks or yes please.

Kind Regards

Stuart Pilkington and Chris Naylor..."