40s vs Gloucestershire (Away)

03/03/2013 13:00

Venue: Severn Vale Leisure Centre, Quedgley, Glos

Team: Wendy Field, Jane Reddaway, Sarah Bryan, Sarah-Jane Trask, Jason Flagg, Dave Lovering, Andrew Carpenter, Chris Naylor

Jane drove the Westlands club wagon up to Glos using a slightly cross country route and the Taunton / Bridgwater crew steamed up the M5 to junction 12. Both cars crawled through the 3 sets of average speed camera sections north of Bristol, but arrived in plenty of time - well 12:55. The lower part of the walls was a light blue and from about 8ft up a slightly darker colour. With netting and the Basketball hoop beside the end court slightly inside the lines there were some interesting discussions before play started about what was a let and not. Definitely a hall with a home advantage.

After several huddled discussions, it was time for a little switcheroo with the mens pairs. Jason and Chris played 1st and Andrew and Dave played 2nd mens and both managed good starts in each game and managed to get into solid double figures. Wendy and Jane didnt quite manage to get into the swing of things against a strong first pair and Sarah and Sarah-Jane came off looking a little bewildered after their loss.

The reverse mens doubles were closer, including Dave and Andrew losing the first end 29-27 before losing the second to a solid 16 against the strong Glos 1st pair. The whole team was willing them on ever louder with each game point chance. As the women went on for the reverse levels there was an air of "I think erm know we are going to lose this match" but the food looked good and plenty of tea for the ladies to look forward to! The scores were a little stronger, but not too impressive.

It was all down to the mixed to save pride. The games were played slightly out of order. From the top the pairs were Jane with Jason, Dave with SJT, Wendy with Andrew and finally Sarah with Chris. The results got slightly better as we went down the order on the scoresheet and Chris and Sarah managed to pick up the only end of the day as the last match on.

The first time this captain can remember being in a bagel loss in all the years playing Badminton for the county, but proud of the new team for the 2012/13 season! The current ploy for victory against Glos is to keep playing for another 20yrs and get em back in the 60s age group! Whose up for it?

Result: Somerset lost 12-0