40s vs Avon (away - rearranged)

24/03/2013 12:00

Team: Sarah-Jane Trask, Sarah Bryan, Wendy Field (sniff cough), Nikki Harris (sniff), Jason Flagg, Andrew Carpenter, John Foley, Dave Lovering

Venue: Clevedon School

This match was rearranged from the weekend of flooding when parts of the M5 were shut and there were flood alerts on the A37.

Erm - match starts under a little confusion on start times, but got underway on 3 courts in reasonably good humour. Unfortunately an Avon lady had called in sick at 10am on the day so we started 3-0 up. John and Jason managed to look comfortable through most of the 2 sets, but only squeaked a 22-20 in the second. Dave and Andrew continued some good form from the last match, but lost in 2. Playing in the same club and having the chance together from time to time does help.

With Nikki playing her first 40s match (yay) since illness/injury struck before Christmas, in a new pairing with Sarah-Jane, it was the mistakes that told and they went down 21-18 in the second. Wendy and Sarah went on for the other ladies doubles and as consistency improved so did the results and managed a 3 set win. A  comparatively quiet game punctuated by the occasional coughing fit. To the amusement of some, Wendy kept the jumper on the whole time, in an attempt to keep the cough count down.

John and Jason looked comfortable again in beating the Avon second pair. Andrew and Dave just lost a tight 3 setter against the Avon mens 1st pair.

So time to sort out pairings for the mixed.......

Jason and Nikki looked comfortable through their 2 set victory. John and Sarah-Jane managed to overcome a hiccup of going 8-0 down in the second after failing to keep a single return of serve in court (Rule number 1 people - over and in!!!), but pulled it together for a comfortable third set win. Wendy and Andrew managed to come back from 19-16 down in the first end to win 22-20, before taking the second end. It was a court the men had played and it was rather darker than the others.The third lady played on with the 4th man to give Sarah and Dave a good game, which did not count.

After finding the showers were a lot better than the average for schools it was time for the important part of the match for some. Jason made a strategic decision on seating for the post match refreshments and made the most of the mini eggs, sausage rolls, home made cakes etc on offer. He even collected cooking tips for his favourite of the home made cakes - luchtime snacks next week maybe? The rest of the team also had some lovely food before an M5 dash through traffic to a comfy pub for an end of season celebratory drink and some talk about Summer Badminton and next season!

Result: Somerset won 9-3