2nd Team vs Avon 3rd (Home)

04/03/2012 13:00

Venue: Crewkerne Leisure Centre

Team: Fiona Rooke (C), Wendy Field (S), Vicki Cornish (S), Emily Buckle

James Buckle, Tom Hunt (S), Joe Wakelam (S), Matt Hussey

The team arrived to find the opposition had only come down from Avon with 2 Ladies, which changed the choices on who played what events so that each of them played 2. This also meant that the team were 3-0 up without lifting a racket in competition. Go team!

With all 4 courts to use, the mens and ladies singles went on at the same time. The ladies came off first with 2 wins in 2 sets each with the winners confessing to feeling a little under the weather for slightly different reasons. The second mens singles was another win in 2 sets, followed by Joe changing tactics to take his opponent on at the net to win the 3rd set well. The team were now 7-0 up and feeling like a good result was within their grasp.

The first round of doubles went on with Fiona and Wendy winning with some confidence, Matt and Joe winning with much whooping and comment from Matt and Tom pulling out all the stops with stretches and dives in the third end for another doubles win. The team were now 10-0 up and with surprised smiles on all their faces and whispered talk of a possible bagel.

The second round of levels went through with the same success to go 13-0 up and set the team up for the 2 mixed. Fiona and Tom and James and Emily pulled out the stops to finish off the big win and the whole 3 points.

Final Result: Somerset win 15-0 (first bagel of the season)