2nd Team vs Cornwall (away)

04/12/2011 13:00

Venue: Polkyth Leisure Centre, St Austell, Cornwall

Team: Fiona Rooke (C), Wendy Field (S1), Vicki Cornish (S2), Emily Buckle, Tom Hunt (S2), Joe Wakelam (S1), Matt Hussey, Peter Allen

What fun - a drive to Cornwall on a Sunday morning in Winter. With the boys in the blue car, the girls in the red car, the team headed along the A30. The day started well as both cars arrived 20min early for the match (go team) to find the captain Fi in the cafeteria planning the pairs and how to explain to Wendy she didnt want to play singles.

With 3 courts available, the team snuck past the childrens party in the other half of the hall and got to work. With some tight games, Somerset unfortunately went 4-0 down after the singles - oops. The shuttles took quite a bit of getting used to.

Pete and Tom resumed their pairing from the Restricted and Joe and Matt played together for the first time. Although the games were tight, it didnt quite go Somersets way. Fingers crossed all round that the final result isnt going to end up as a bagel. Can the girls do any better? Phew captain Fi and Wendy got the first win of the day, but unfortunately Emily and Vicki were not able to beat the trickier second pair.

The reverse mens doubles were tight, but they were not able to win either. The ladies stepped in to win both reverse doubles and bring the team to a point of needing to win all 3 mixed to come away with a point. GO SOMERSET!!!!

Bring on the mixed. Well done Captain Fi for winning 3rd mixed with Tom. The others were tight and not without incident, but Somerset werent able to pick up either of them.

On the way back the journey went well, but 3 of the 4 in the red car on the way back had weak bladders so stopped in services near Exeter. The stop meant that the blue car was back at the Little Chef on the Ilminster roundabout on the A303 a minute or two before the red one, with parents and cars waiting to take players back to their homes after a looooonnnngggg day.

Final Result: Somerset lost 11-4