2nd Team vs Berkshire 2 (away)

19/02/2012 13:00

Venue: Woodford Park LC is Haddon Drive, Woodley, Reading RG5 4LY

Team: Fiona Rooke (C, S1), Wendy Field (S2), Launa Eyles, Emily Buckle

Tom Hunt (S2), Joe Wakelam (S1), James Buckle, Ian Pocock


In a 5 court hall the team had 2 courts, plus an alternate share of a third court. For some reason the space heaters were on down the other end of the hall, making the shared court a rather warm place to play. Wife watching Tony Eyles patiently watched from the relative comfort and plentiful company of the balcony - probably thinking about flying off on holiday the next day. Mary Buckle braved the hard wooden benches by the courts to cheer on the team. 

With Somerset getting 20+ points in about 4 ends including two 3 setters, the team felt a little low after going 4-0 down after the singles including an epic 3 setter by Fiona. By the time the singles was finally finished, the men had gone into battle in the mens doubles and the first ladies doubles game had been put on. After the first round of doubles Somerset had finally won one ladies doubles and by the end of the second round of doubles, the team had won a second ladies doubles.

Having lost all 3 mixed at the home match earlier in the season, things were starting to look gloomy. The 1st pair had a great game and took it easily, the second pair lost and the 3rd pair snuck a 4th win and a few smiles. The team have matches for the next 2 weekends so fingers crossed things go a little better in those.


Final Result: Somerset lost 11-4