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The SBA website includes information on clubs for juniors, social seniors and league club seniors. If you want to either update the information on your club or add your club to the lists, please feel to contact us through the FeedBack page and we will update the Find Badminton tab on our website. We also have information about social and other activities from Club News page under our Info tab. We are always looking for stories to add as we are keen to show everyone that there is more to Badminton Clubs than just Badminton.


Community Badminton Networks (CBN)

The CBNs set up was originally the idea of Badminton England and funding was given to the CBNs for local Badminton development. Over time the BE money dried up but the CBNs have continued in Somerset as a rough grouping of interested parties, with council support to develop their sport across the council area. The common purpose is to increase participation and help to make local people more active. The support includes help to find funding, advice on advertising, access to advertising through council and county organised events etc. If your club would like some help you might want to try contacting your local CBN for more information on what is going on in your clubs area. This might be as simple as getting on the distribution for emails about local social tournaments that might be of interest to new players in your club or access to opportunities for coaching etc. They have a lot of experience and knowledge within their groups and are well worth contacting if your club needs some help. If you need help getting in touch with either CBN, then please feel free to send us a message through the FeedBack page and we will forward your messages.

SSDC  - Yeovil South Somerset District Council (SSDC) run the Community Badminton Network (CBN). If you want more information click this link for more information. For the last couple of seasons the main SSDC efforts have been in relation to overhaulling Westlands to be good venue for all sports. The regular meetings have decreased, but the group is still active running tournaments and increasing access for beginner / improver Badminton.

Tone  - Taunton This is a slightly newer CBN and please click on the link for more information


Somerset Activity and Sports Partnership

The county run SASP which has responsibilities to increase participation across the whole county across a number of sports and activities. They can be the first point of call for support for funding to get equipment or coaching qualifications to develop your club or simply refer you to local support available for your club. SASP centrally organise coaching courses and development courses across a lot of sports. Courses include First Aid, Child Protection and other courses that may be required for coach development / registration. Click on the link to find out more about SASP and see the currently planned training courses.


Local Leagues

Have a look under the League tab for more information. The leagues offer a big range of opportunities for different clubs including leagues and tournaments. If you have players that might be interested, there are opportunities for pairs as well as teams at all levels and if you need help working out where to start, please feel free to drop us a line through the FeedBack page and we will help.

SES League has levels divisions graded by ability through from new players up to some of the senior and masters county players. A team for each match is 2 people and the number of matches is the number of pairs in the division - usually 4 or at most 5. For the 2017/18 season there will again be 2 mixed divisions, with the lower division containing new teams introducing players into League Badminton and the higher division including several players from the senior and masters county teams. The matches will be well fought between teams of similar levels. The league is centred around Yeovil. The mixed teams are 2 mixed pairs that play both opposition mixed pairs plus all players end the night with a levels game. Some clubs choose this as the team can travel in 1 car. The leagues run through the whole season from Sept to April. League tournaments include a Knockout competition for the mixed league teams and 2 handicapped tournaments through the season. Teams wishing to enter the league should contact the league May/June and the fixtures are arranged at the AGM/Fixtures meeting on the first Wed in Aug. Presentation evening is in June. Feel free to contact the league directly through their website. There is an SES page under the League tab.

Taunton League has a levels league requiring a team of 4 people for each match. The mixed league is split into divisions according to ability. The range of ability is from improvers, skilled juniors through to county juniors / seniors / masters. The mixed teams are 3 mixed pairs. Every player then goes on to play 2 levels with 2 different partners. The mens and ladies players to play in the league from individual clubs are ranked in order of ability at the start of the season and must play their levels in an order dictated by that ranking. The league is centred around Taunton. They run regular tournaments during the season and a popular presentation evening after the end of the season. The season is slightly shorter than the other leagues as it starts in Oct and runs to Mar. The AGM / Fixtures meeting is done in Sept.

West Dorset and North Somerset Leagues also include teams from the Somerset area in mixed and levels formats.

Gryphon Summer Series is an annual series of matches played through the Summer on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Teams of 2 levels or 2 mixed players enter around March / April and players in the Gryphon Badminton Club then group the entries by ability and organise levels and mixed divisions. These play 3 or 4 matches over the Summer. This really is an excellent first step into league Badminton. Players just turn up to the assigned match dates for their group and pay their match fees for the night. Unlike the other leagues through the Badminton season, the Gryphon Summer series provides the courts, shuttles and someone to help run the match. Each Summer local players are given their first opportunity to play league Badminton in a friendly and supportive environment. If you want more information please feel free to contact the club directly through their website or their Facebook group.


Somerset Badminton Association (SBA) Development Group

SBA liaise with the CBNs and other groups to co-ordinate the efforts in support of the plans across the county. SBA have access to other sources of funding to aid in the development of clubs, increasing participation, increasing access to coaching / coaches etc. If you think you might need help then feel free to contact us with your questions. We are always on the look out for clubs that might be able to work with us to increase participation starting from beginners/ improvers, through into league Badminton / tournaments and on up to participation in County Junior / Senior / Masters Badminton. We are there for Badminton players of all age groups.

Click on the link for more information.