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This page will be used for any news that clubs send in - serious or otherwise! 

January / February 2017

SASP continue to promote opportunities to play socially in groups and more formally in clubs through their Zing Somerset pages.

One player from Gryphon Badminton Club has now played in the South East Somerset mixed, West Dorset mixed and 4-2 formats, the North Somerset League mixed and the Taunton League mixed this season. We would like to hear if anyone can beat that either by number or distance.

Discussions in a recent match between Clevedon Feathers and Mendipway in the North Somerset League ran to player poaching. 3rd man for Mendipway Adam Feather was jokingly asked why he was not playing for Clevedon Feathers with that surname. 

January saw the much anticipated re-opening of the Sports Hall at Westlands. Spangly new lighting, springy new floor, revamped changing facilities and a small kitchen for the return to cups of tea and coffee for match night catering (maybe). Both Yeovil Badminton Club (merger of Westlands Badminton Club and Yeovil Graduates Badminton Club in 2016) and Wessex Wanderers have brought their matches back to Westlands and Yeovil Badminton Club have also brought their club nights back to Westlands. Shuttlebusters have also brought 2 sessions of Badminton to Westlands on a Fri evening. It has been a gradual process to move all of the matches from other venues, but it seems to be pretty much sorted by mid Feb. Got kids that would like to learn to play Badminton? Yeovil Badminton Club have a Monday evening opportunity of up to 6 weeks of free coaching. See the SASP Facebook page for more information.

The sports hall is now managed by LED. They also manage Goldenstones and Wincanton LC on behalf of SSDC. For more information have a look at their

December 2016

Wincanton Badminton Club have again shown off their fancy dress skills on court. Check out their FaceBook page for more photos of the the Vicar of Dibley, the box of chips and more

September 2016

Gryphon Summer Series had a lot of entries this Summer. There were 6 divisions of levels and 6 divisions of mixed all with 4 pairs in each division. Some brave people played in levels and mixed. The Summer went very well and all of the divisions were close. You dont have to be a member of a club, but you do need to be a regular player to keep up the pace in these divisions. This season there were even players coming from deepest Dorset and Bridgwater to play.

Aug 2016

The club at Hazelgrove School no longer require their members to go through the hassle of a CRB check. This used to be a requirement from the school, but is no longer in required. They currently play only on Tuesdays but visitors are more than welcome to come along and play.

Summer 2016 is full of Badminton weddings.

Congratulations to Lauren Sevieri-Darch (nee Sevieri), Laura Goodland (nee Newman) and Simon and Jess Watson. We all wish you the best for the future and look forward to seeing your smiling faces on court soon.

July 2016

Sadly Martyn Gossage, a long term member of Wellington Badminton Club passed on Saturday 9th July. After playing Badminton the previous weekend he went in to hospital where he was treated for a heart attack and had a shunt fitted. They sent him home on the Weds but he died on Saturday night. A lovely man and will be much missed. Many current and former players for Somerset, Somerset Masters and local clubs were able to join his family at the funeral.

June 2015

Sunday 7th June saw Bridgwater Badminton Club player Sarah-Jane Trask competing in the Taunton Dragon Boat Race as part of an effort to raise money for Headway, the charity providing support to brain injury victims. If you are interested in making a donation feel free to pop along to their JustGiving page

Her team came a creditable 6th out of the 17 entries which included Smurfs, superheroes and Braveheart himself (all competing in the fancy dress competition). Do you work in the Taunton area and think you might like to get your colleagues to competed in 2016? Keep a look out on their website

May 2015

Members of Gryphon Badminton Club are giving an opportunity for people to play some comptetitive Badminton over the Summer in  their Gryphon Summer Series. Depending on entries there could be both levels and mixed. Divisions of 4 teams where each team is  a pair that should try to play all matches or  will need to find spares. Depending on entries this may be 3 or 4 matches in rotation starting from 23rd June. For more info have a look at the News item or find the story on the I play Badminton in Somerset page on FaceBook.

Westland Leisure Centre may be closing its doors at the end of September, so groups such as Yeovil Grads, Westland Badminton Club and Aerosystems are all looking at their options after using the lovely, but rather scruffy Sports Hall.

September 2014

Frome Badminton Club are celbrating 40 years as a club. How long have you been playing and how long has your club been running for? To help to celebrate this momentous event, the club organised a successful singles/doubles/mixed event for different age groups.


May 2014

As usual adult Badminton will carry on through the Summer at Westlands. Grads run on Mondays 8-10pm through most of the Summer and Westlands Badminton Club continute to run on Fridays 8-10pm.


April 2014

Shepton Mallet No Strings have taken up the challenge of a match against Gryphon Badminton Club on 22nd April. They will be sending a few players down for some good games gainst different levels of players.

Gryphon Badminton Club are running their club tournament on 29th April. Some of the handicapping on offer includes "only short serves", "no smashing" and other similar handicapping.

The "I play Badminton in Somerset" is being used by clubs to give out details of their websites and FB pages and individuals for tournaments they are organising. This is a useful place to visit if you are on FaceBook and want to know more about Badminton in Somerset. People have been organising single practice, last minute replacements, finding a stringer and all sorts of other useful things.


February 2014

Gryphon Badminton Club and Graduates Badminton Club have both joined FaceBook. So for more information about the clubs you can check them out, ask questions, or find out what is coming up. Are you involved with another Somerset Club that has done the same? Ping us the link through Feedback and we will add the link to the club details. Recent posts show Graduates are organising coaching for their members and Gryphon are organising social events and playing lots of league Badminton. These join the already popular "I play Badminton in Somerset" group on FaceBook and SBA Twitter feed.


September / October 2013

After many years, Mendipway Badminton Club has moved from Bishops Barn to Wells Cathedral School Sports Hall. Feel free to have a look at the following link for more information. The old venue was famous for the weather dependent playing conditions inside the hall and the home advantage from playing in an old hall, but the club are looking forward to playing at their new venue from this season onwards. For the first time, this season Mendipway have entered a pair in the SES Badminton League.

February /March 2013

Westland Badminton Club have been running another spell of a few weeks of ladies coaching alongside the long running junior section on Fridays. The club is hoping to encourage beginners and improvers to the next level whether that is people having the courage to pick up a racket for the first time or people thinking of joining league teams or people wanting to get into teams in higher divisions. Anyone interested in any future sessions should contact the club as there are plans afoot to run more sessions later in the year wth the help of SSDC Community Badminton Network. These sessions have seen players from other clubs coming in for some coaching and mums of junior club players picking up a racket for the first time. Good on you ladies! Feel free to send us messages through Feedback on this website.


October 2012

To everyone - The Badminton season is now well underway in most clubs. Most of the leagues have started their fixtures. Good luck to everyone and we all hope you will have a good season and find lots of new people to bring into your clubs and teams!

Westland and Gryphon Badminton Clubs - Congratulations Simon and Jesse on the birth of their baby boy. Well done to Jesse on giving birth well in advance of the County Restricted so Simon was able to play. Jesse was playing Badminton at the Gryphon Badminton Club which has several Obs/Gyn doctors from Yeovil hospital as members so Im sure there were some friendly faces around when needed.

SSDC CBN - Westlands Badminton Club, Graduates Badminton Club, Gryphon Badminton Club, Chard Badminton Club, Frome Badminton clubs, coaches and other interested people are looking for ideas to take to the SSDC Community Badminton Network Meeting on 1st November. Together the CBN have run tournaments, organised come and try sessions in local clubs, organised a CBN coach with targets, run social series Badminton in new venues and lots lots more. We are always looking for new ideas on how to encourage more people to pick up a racket, play more and transition to the level of Badminton they want to play on a regular basis. If anyone has any plans they want to share like open sessions, please feel free to send info to us through the Feedback page to have it loaded here.


September 2012

Taunton’s Unicorn Badminton Club has moved to a new venue and have spaces for new members wanting to improve their badminton and have fun. 

We play from 7.00 – 10.00 pm at Taunton School Sports Hall, Staplegrove Road, Taunton on Friday nights from September to the end of April.

We have several teams in the Taunton’s Badminton League so there is an opportunity for match play as well as club evenings.

For more information, contact the secretary by email – or just turn up at Taunton School Sports Hall on a Friday night.

Junior Club
Unicorn Junior Badminton Club has spaces for 8 – 16 year olds wanting to learn to play badminton and have fun. We play from 6.00 – 7.00 pm at Taunton School Sports Hall, Staplegrove Road, Taunton on Friday nights from September to the end of April and there is the chance to progress to the senior club which plays from 7.00—10.00 pm

For more information, contact Mark on 01884 841989, or just turn up on a Friday night.
(All our coaches are CRB cleared)


July 2012

Taunton’s Unicorn Badminton Club celebrated its 50th birthday this year with a celebration evening, a barbecue and a visit by MP Jeremy Brown who was put through his paces on the badminton court by Unicorn members. 

The club was originally formed on 12th January 1962 out of the Kingston Rd Badminton Club which closed due to lack of funds. £1-17s-3½d was transferred to the new "Unicorn" club. The first annual subscription was 30 shillings and the Club had a maximum of 18 members. It played at what is now the Callebaut Hall in Kingston Rd.

Since then it has gone from strength to strength, playing in Taunton Badminton League throughout all the divisions, running a Junior Club with many of its players continuing to the Senior Club and playing in the teams.

Aswell as social functions, the Club has strong links with Club Athletique Lexovian (Lisieux Badminton Club in Normandy).  The twinning began in October 1990 when a friendly game was played in Taunton with 6 boys from Lisieux.  This was followed by a return visit in May 1991 and since then trips have been made each year either to Taunton or Lisieux to play badminton and to enjoy the ‘entente cordiale’ that exists between the members.

The Club plays on Friday nights with Juniors playing before the seniors start at 7.00pm.  Further information can be obtained from the Club Secretary, Rob Helps on or you can visit the Club website on

Club members in the 1980's 40 year celebration in 2002
50 year celebration in 2002


June 2012

Badzone - new junior club in Wells starting 14th July. See the junior clubs page to download a poster for more information.

Westland Badminton Club were pleased to see Louise Gidley back on court at club night 13wks after the birth of her baby! Go mamma Go!

Westland Badminton Club continue club nights right through the Summer every Friday 8-10pm @ Westland Leisure Complex in Yeovil. £5 visitors fee, reduced for U18s.


May 2012

Unicorn Badminton Club celebrate 50years as a Badminton club

New Mendipway BC website to run alongside their FB page