South Somerset Schools League


standings as at 9/2/15:

School Name Number of Victories to date
Ansford A 7
Westfield  4
Bucklers Mead A 3
Sexeys A 3
Ansford B 2
Bucklers Mead B 2
Holyrood A 2
Stanchester A 1
Stanchester B 1
Holyrood B 1
Sexeys B 1






Tuesday 26th February 2013 saw the conclusion of the South Somerset Community Badminton (CBN) Network Area School League.  South Somerset CBN have invested resources into this competition to ensure that 18 badminton teams had the opportunity to experience competition.  The CBN aims to offer a range of inter-connected programmes that seek to successfully introduce participants to badminton and then offer them a range of high quality, sustainable opportunities to enjoy lifelong participation in the sport. 


Congratulations to Sexeys who were the overall winners.  The Boys A Champions were Sexeys, Boys B was Huish, Girls A was Sexeys and Girls B was Holyrood.  (full results  - schools league as of the 26th Feb.docx (14,6 kB))