Premier Schools

Premier Schools and Premier Colleges will:

  • Promote badminton in Schools, Colleges and the Community Badminton Network by providing excellent playing and coaching opportunities for everyone
  • Increase opportunities for playing badminton and raise standards for all and provide opportunities for volunteering and officiating
  • To provide everyone who comes into contact with the school / college a positive experience of badminton

Key Objectives:

  • To support a high quality learning programme in badminton
  • To provide a high quality teaching and coaching programme to support and benefit all students, extending this programme into local schools and the community
  • To provide best practice in the nurturing of young badminton talent, including identification and development of talented performers, coaches, volunteers and officials
  • To raise the profile of the game through enjoyment and opportunity

In Somerset, both Preston School, Yeovil and Yeovil College have achieved this status (with Sexeys, Bruton currently applying).


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