Junior Badminton

There are plenty of opportunities to learn to play Badminton in school and local clubs. From schools to local clubs and everywhere in between, children have a pathway available to County Development Cells around the County. From all these different places and through tournament results, children are invited to join the squads, which train together for 2hrs every other Weekend through the Badminton season (roughly Sept til April) and from which most of the players for the county age group teams are selected. Each of the squads has a Manager responsible for the age group coaching, team selection, providing coaching or support at matches and general squad management. Players are expected to go to the squad training to be considered for playing in the age group teams.


Have a look under the "Find Badminton" menu, you will find information on the local Badminton Clubs around the county. Under the "Juniors" menu you will find the "County Cell Training" page, for information on the SBA organised County Cells. Keep looking under the "Tournaments" menu for information on upcoming tournaments. 


Have a look at the pages for more information about the development pathways, age group activities, tournaments (in the calendar) and the activity in schools and local junior clubs. If you need any more information then please feel free to ask a question through the Feedback page.

If you want to see what happens around the south west region, have a look at the South West Counties Badminton Association website.

Click here to go to SWCBA website

If you are on FaceBook consider joining the "I play Badminton in Somerset" group. Once you are a member, feel free to invite your friends to become members of the group. There is also an SBA page on FaceBook.