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Coaching information

Congratulations to the SBA’s Catherine Sertin and Jane Lipton on obtaining accreditation to the new elite coaching status known as a Licensed coach.

BADMINTON England have recently enhanced their Coach Accreditation scheme, which offers support to coaches to ensure all those taking part in the game have an enjoyable and safe experience providing a simple check on safety and professional standards.

Coach Accreditation provides protection to the coaches in terms of insurance to practice and offers reassurance to all players, regardless of age or ability that they are being instructed by a coach that has passed BADMINTON England’s standards of coaching.

There are now two kinds of B E Coach Accreditation: Registration and Licensing

A BADMINTON England Registered coach may promote themselves to parents, players and clubs as being safe to coach. In addition coaches receive public liability and professional indemnity insurance, which protects the coach in the event that a player is injured whilst under their supervision.

A BADMINTON England Coach Licence is issued to level 2 or level 3 coaches who meet a range of additional requirements relating to safety and training. They are coaches who have achieved the licensed coach accreditation by being committed to good standards, can coach independently, and are committed to completing a variety of training courses. Points are awarded for training based on it’s value to coaching development; and licensed coaches have to attain a set number of points each year to retain their Licensed status.

By continually developing their coaching skills, it ensures that a licensed coach is up to date with the latest coaching and training techniques.

In addition, James Elkin has also achieved the requirements for recognition as a licensed coach and is awaiting confirmation from Badmintoin England. Hopefully, there will be further coaches in Somerset achieving this new status.


South Somerset Community Badminton Network is offering a bursary or bursaries to local badminton players (who live and coach inSouth Somerset) who wish to get involved in their local club as a coach.  There are limited bursaries available for volunteers as level 1 coaches or level 1 coaches who wish to progress to level 2.  To access the bursary, the volunteers must complete the application form that details how the course will benefit the local community.

The next Level 1 course is:

Sat, 31 Oct 2015 - Sun, 15 Nov 2015 at Bridgwater College Academy

For a bursary application form, please email



SASP, coach development or coaching job opportunities?

If you have a coaching qualification and want to do more coaching and develop yourself as a coach feel free to contact the SBA coaching co-ordinator and also register on the SASP Roots2Coaching.

Click here to go to the Roots2Coaching page on the SASP website

The coaching co-ordinator sends out information received on coaching development courses and job opportunities. SASP Roots2Coaching registration helps SASP plan development courses for coaches across many sports including Badminton. Just by registering you will receive information on upcoming courses. If you register more information and prove you are suitably experienced and cleared/registered, then SASP also have occasional information on job opportunities for coaches through SASP. 

One of the links distributed by SASP to Badminton Coaches is to the following website giving short video clips for coaching tips.

Have you heard about "The age effect" for sports development in kids? 

Click here to view the relative age effect article

Coaches should be aware of this if they are coaching children through the growing years.

Are you a coach that might want a little help in planning lessons?

This is a coaching plan developed by a group of coaches. It is intended as notes to help coaches on some of the main areas to be developed. There are plans afoot to have another coaches meeting, which may develop this further and discuss current coaching ideas and how coaches overcome common problems in their coaching.

Somerset Annual Coaching Plan.xls (100 kB)

BBC - GCSE Bite Size information

Have a look at the bitesize information. It might be useful for coaches or students alike. The videos are short and punchy.

Click here to go to the GCSE Bite Size information on Badminton

Coaching plans and ideas from Jake Downey

Follow the link to read the coaches book by Jake Downey

Some of the terminology might be a little out of date, but there are some interesting ideas for warm ups and routines for working with groups of students.

Lee Jae Bok coaching tips

There are some useful extracts from Lee Jae Bok coaching videos on YouTube.

Click here for the results of searching "lee jae bok badminton training videos 2012"

Have a look at some of the other Lee Jae Bok videos. Some of the coaching tips look slightly different from the typical Badminton England information for coaches. The footwork techniques can be very useful for beginners as the rythm and counting seems to stick in the memory for beginners. Have a look for other Lee Jae Bok coaching videos on YouTube.

Or you can have a look at his website with futher clips and information. Click on the link below. He runs courses for players and coaches.